WOW! MSNBC Has Just Done Something That Will Rip Biden Apart!


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell became the grimreapear of news after what she said at the press conference.

I could not imagine the physical and emotional terror of all American and Afghan allies left behind in Afghanistan. Literally the worst.

When we all thought the Aug 31 deadline was scary already, well not until the Taliban has refused to budge on the 8/31 departure date.

It was reported the U.S. must leave by 31 August under agreement with the Taliban.

This exactly means that Buck Biden has only until Friday to evacuate some ten thousand plus Americans.

Well, As German officials say it’s “impossible.”

Watch the video posted on Twitter by Big Fish from BBC Breaking News:

That is really terrifying for us most of all, for the Americans and Afghans who are still trapped in Afghanistan.

And recently, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell just dropped a piece of bomb news that will surely send the Buck stopper to its political coffin.

She said a statement to Ned Price who serves as the pencil-neck Ivy league spokesman for the State Department.

Where she said, “I have received a message from the US Embassy workers who confirms that the situation is so bad, that they would rather die quickly at the hands of a Taliban bullet than to face the crowd that awaits them at the Kabul Airport. We Americans, We felt betrayed.”

Andrea said that these US Staff should have been prioritized in the first place.

The Biden administration keeps lying about what’s happening and if they are really having a hard time accepting these real happenings wherein fact things are really getting worse.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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