What An Intel Source Just LEAKED About Biden Will End Sleepy Joe!


Joe Biden is making the country’s problem even worst.

After his devastating debacle in Afghanistan, it seems that the situation keeps getting worse. Recently an ISIS suicide bomb has killed 13 American soldiers and many are wounded, 10 of them are in critical condition.

Now that brings me back to the fact that Biden’s bad dementia is really putting America and its allies in a bad situation.

At some point, the Dems can no longer pretend that Joe Biden’s issue is actually a “childhood stutter” such an asinine excuse in the first place.

John Cardillo, a Former Newsmax Host shares very alarming information he has received from a high-ranking source in IC. This will really shock me, why? Simply because it is our “Commander in Chief’s” problem and we are all in it.

See his tweet:

It’s really definitive enough that Joe Biden should be impeached and face a court-martial after the very destructive Afghanistan debacle.

No surprise why some are still reluctant about Kamala Harris being the next person to be installed in the White House but she will be just fine.

I just hope things will not get worse.

Source: Wayne Dupree

1 thought on “What An Intel Source Just LEAKED About Biden Will End Sleepy Joe!

  1. Judging by the harris kamal’s past activities, things will NOT get much better- – -until we have an entire change-over in the White House and elsewhere and THAT is “after” commie pelosi is taken OUT of circulation.

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