WOW! Government Agency CONFIRMS Fauci Lied To Us All!


We all can recall how Fauci repeatedly lied in Congress that it was not possible that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was carrying out the sorts of research that might have started the coronavirus outbreak with funding from the United States.

But the truth just in time to expose Fauci’s lies…

Now, the National Institute of Health has admitted that gain of function research was funded at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, meaning that Dr. Fauci lied in his heated exchanges with Senator Rand Paul.

The NIH sent a letter to Republican Representative James Comer that contradicted what Fauci had previously told Congress.

The letter states exactly what is commonly understood by the term “gain of function” without actually saying so, which would effectively call Fauci a liar.

After the news emerged, Senator Paul was understandably very pleased with himself.

It was already known that Fauci was being dishonest under oath and relying on semantic arguments to deny that the NIH had funded gain of function research because the letter is more of a confirmation than a brand new revelation, the Wuhan lab was testing the extent to which natural coronaviruses in bats could be transmitted to humans.

That sounds familiar.

Fauci and the NIH knew that gain of function research was taking place in Wuhan in violation of the terms of their grant.

The doctor dodged the issue in his testimony, even Fauci and the NIH knew that gain of function research was taking place in Wuhan in violation of the terms of their grant.

The idea of a lab leak causing the pandemic is entirely unreasonable, according to the EcoHealth, the same nonprofit through which the NIH provided this grant and has been very eager to argue.

The fact that it was ever denied so vigorously by so many people raises questions about what other information might still emerge, the lab leak theory seems to have more supporting evidence than ever.

At this point, intelligence analyses have all agreed that identifying the true source with any confidence is likely impossible unless China decides to make a confession, that’s why this news does not prove that the Wuhan Institute of Virology caused the outbreak.

The letter does prove that Fauci was being very dishonest in his notorious exchange with Rand Paul. The doctor can apparently lie with a great deal of confidence.

Still, he is unlikely to face any consequences for this. Like a true bureaucrat, Fauci can simply change the meaning of terms to weasel his way out of the situation and claim that he never technically lied.

Given that much of the defense established by Fauci already depended on absolute trust in what China admitted, it was always a pretty questionable stance.

At the very least, the doctor should apologize to Rand Paul for being patronizing and dishonest towards a sitting Senator and a fellow physician.

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