Even The Anti-Trump Brigade Is Losing Its Patience With Fauci!


If we are to evaluate the Biden administration’s actions with this whole COVID-19 pandemic then the current administration has completely failed! Since the administration started they failed this whole thing and it’s getting worse as the days pass. So bad that even an anti-Trump actor like Michael Rappaport is “friggen pissed.”

It is hard to believe what is happening now, that people, who were fully vaccinated, are the one who’s spreading the new Delta variant in every place. And this government is mandating all of the people to get the vaccine. Like what?

This is the reason why the CDC together with Surgeon General, and Fauci are dying to required vaccination to still wear a mask even after receiving the vaccine because they were aware that being vaccinated can still catch this virus.

What a mess.

And OANN is reporting that the scene is utterly chaotic in Biden’s so-called White House.

As the news spread about this those who have been vaccinated are getting frustrated, the reason why they took the vaccine was that they want and their loved ones to be fully protected, and now, they’re discovering that they’re a “biohazard” to everyone.

And this is what Michael Rappaport discovered after watching CNN, and even Fox News. And according to him “Fauci went from a “hero” to a “superspreader.”

If we are watching a movie, what Rappaport just said was a stunning plot twist when you think about it.

For what is happening now it will be harder to convince people to be vaccinated even if they’ll use their new strategy “get vaccinated to protect yourself from the vaccinated.”

This is what I am saying, there should be a long trial for a drug like this and it is a must before allowing people to take it. They should have made sure that it is fully effective. They are just using people as a trial for a vaccine that didn’t even go years of tests.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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