Biden Crony’s DIRECT Ties To Crooked Soros Surface!


Matt Palumbo revealed some potential serious ground for conflict of interest in his new book titled: ‘The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros.’

Palumbo pointed out the Biden administration’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken for his connections with billionaire and far-leftist globalist George Soros. The book shows the convoluted relationship between Blinken and former Albanian president (1992–1997) and prime minister (2005–2013) Sali Berisha who the Secretary of State announced sanctions against in May.

The trouble lay in the fact that Berisha is a center-right politician who earned the ire of Soros for decades. And it turns out that Blinken’s connections to Soros are extremely deep. Deeper even than many Democrats.

Below is what Palumbo writes:

“Soros and Berisha had publicly-traded blows before, with Berisha saying in 2017 that Soros had turned from a “great friend” to a “great danger” to the Albanian people. “My statements on George Soros and his mafia, as a major danger for the Albanian democracy, are based on authentic documents.

My statements at the Albanian Parliament against the mafia acts of Soros and his network in Albania, are based on facts which date before the current debates taking place in the United States on the activity of the chief speculator of the planet,” he explained. Just nine years earlier, he had called Soros a “great friend of the Albanians.”

Berisha told the Times that Soros-backed NGOs have had vendettas against himsince 2017, stemming from him publicly rejecting proposals for changes to the Serbia-Kosovo border. Berisha had opposed certain territorial swaps that Soros-backed NGOs wanted because he believed it would lead to ethnic violence, adding “changing borders meant cleansing and shifting of populations.”

He also alleged that U.S. support for the territorial swaps was engineered by Soros-backed groups working with socialist Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.”

Blinken’s Connections Ties To Soros Run From Father To Son

In a foreign affairs meeting in June Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) asked Blinken if “WHAT SPECIFIC INFORMATION CAN YOU SHARE WITH THE COMMITTEE AT THIS TIME TO JUSTIFY THIS DRAMATIC MOVE?”

This is about the suddenness of the sanctions against Berisha which were “seemingly out of nowhere.” As Matt Palumbo noted, Zeldin asked the Secretary.

Then Palumbo noted, “In response to questioning, Blinken denied having any communication with Soros, but said he can’t speak for anyone else at the State Department. When pressed on the evidence for corruption, Blinken said that all proper protocols were followed while providing no evidence of corruption whatsoever.”

Here’s the bomb-drop though, in his book Matt ultimately reveals among other things that Blinken’s father: “Donald Blinken and his wife Vera funded the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives at Soros’ Central European University (CEU), which houses a digital collection of Hungarian historical documents. In one Soros Foundations Network report from 2002, Blinken’s father is listed on the Board of Trustees for CEU third after Soros (the chair) and Aryeh Neier.”

The elder Blinken was also an old G-man, serving as US Ambassador in Hungary from 94-98′ under the Clinton Administration, right about the same time that George Soros was becoming involved in that area of Europe. He further reveals that the Blinken family had deep ties to the Socialist Government of Hungary under Prime Minister Gyula Horn, Hungary’s last foreign minister under its Soviet-allied Communist government.

Here’s the kicker, Hungary knew about all of this long before any Americans did. When Blinken was confirmed as Secretary of State, Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet said it was “great news for George Soros.” Yikes.

Source: Deep State Rabbit

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