WOW! Even ABC News Just Called Sleepy Joe A Big Fat Liar!


So instead of taking his nap before facing the public, Joe Biden had a press conference on Friday. And he might have regretted speaking to the press without taking his nap first. haha

Reports say that Americans were stopped from going to the Kabul airport and even beaten by the Taliban forces after showing their passports.

Also, based on a CNN reporter who’s currently at the Kabul airport, the reporter described the situation to be even worse than we imagined. Chaos, filth, and hunger are everywhere and she also noted that no US flights have taken off all day.

But Biden was saying a different thing.

Biden has reassured people that Americans trapped in Afghanistan do not have any issues getting to the airport and added that he’s seen no intelligence that shows that.

For god’s sake, he should have turned on his TV and watch some reports from the region so he can provide an accurate statement. Gee.

When he was called out on it, during his presser Joe finally conceded that “some” might be blocked.

Watch it here: Youtube/GOP War Room


Well, ABC called him out.

Big time.

They called Joe out in the most scathing and irrefutable way possible.

They left no doubt, that Joe was either lying or is such a bumbling idiot, that he truly doesn’t even know or understand what’s going on.

which is worse?

Not only are Americans getting stopped, but they’re also being beaten with fanbelts from cars.

And Joe still trusts the Taliban?

It’s treasonous.

How can a so-called “president” be this out of the loop?

Joe Biden is not fit to serve, he has no idea what’s going on.

As I said before, he’s either lying or is a buffoon – and neither one of those options are presidential.

Republicans should be screaming “impeachment” from the rooftops – why aren’t they?

Source: Wayne Dupree

1 thought on “WOW! Even ABC News Just Called Sleepy Joe A Big Fat Liar!

  1. Well what Joe said sip partially true , he has no intelligence ! Joe Biden is probably the dumbest President this nation had ever had and those who actually did vote for this clown are equally as dumb . In his quest to cancel out anything Trump has done to better this country , Biden has destroyed any stability in the Afgan region , empowered a piss-ant country and gang of terrorists as well as destroyed any semblance of world peace that may or may not have been .
    Way to go Joe , You Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier !

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