Why They Are Forcing Kindergarteners To Eat In Freezing Old Will Make Your Blood Boil!


Covid-19 pandemic has made everything stop from its normal daily activities, this includes students from going into school that made them quarantined from their homes and prevented them from developing their social skills and intellectual development.

There are still schools from different states that remain closed because of Covid-19, fearing that this virus would harm their children once they open. Some public schools also continued with the mask mandate. The current administration and the Dems are risking the lives of these children while they play their politics.

When they return from winter break, students as young as kindergarten at Lakeview Elementary School will be forced to resume the practice of eating lunch outside including on days when temperatures would be “expected to be above 38 degrees.”

According to The Post Millennial report, the school principal Heather Frazier had emailed a statement saying:

“On Sundays during January-February I will send a brief message indicating whether students will be eating indoors due to frigid weather in the coming week. This week students will remain eating outdoors as temperatures are expected to be above 38 degrees.” The email signed off with “stay warm.”

They mandated this type of school rule for small kindergarten students knowing that parts of the state were pummeled by a snowstorm on Christmas. Freezing temperatures froze the snow and kept roads frozen over a week later. The rain finally began the thaw Sunday. Temperatures are expected to fluctuate this week between the 30s and 40s with the forecast.

Yahoo Sports also reported that White House press secretary Jen Psaki suggested that it is OK for kids to eat their lunches outside in cold temperatures in an effort to maintain safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

And added that she believes the “vast majority of parents appreciate” such measures being taken by school systems to limit the spread of the coronavirus among elementary-aged school children.

News Week also reported on December 8, 2021, the unverified Twitter account of Katie Daviscourt posted a seven-second video purporting to show some children and adults in a schoolyard on the premises of Capitol Hill Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.

“CHILD ABUSE: Kindergartners are forced to eat lunch outside in 40-degree weather at Capitol Hill Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. They sit on buckets to social distance from their classmates,” said the tweet, which has received nearly 18,000 interactions.

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