He Has the World’s LONGEST Tongue, What He Can Do With It Has Ladies….


In a world where everyone is searching for ways to stand out from the crowd, Nick Stoeberl from California has found his unique calling. With a tongue measuring 3.97 inches in length, he has recently earned the title of having the world’s longest tongue, according to the Guinness World Records. But it’s not just the length of his tongue that makes it special. Stoeberl can perform a range of fascinating and surprising feats with his oral appendage.

Stoeberl, who works as a government official in the United States, has found that his large tongue can be useful in unexpected ways. He even uses it to type out his emails to colleagues and contacts. Furthermore, he can stretch his tongue far enough to lick his elbow, which is not something that most people can do. But the most impressive talent he possesses is undoubtedly his ability to paint with his tongue.

During an appearance on This Morning, Stoeberl amazed the hosts of the talk show by painting a portrait of them with his Guinness World Record-breaking tongue. Before he started, he wrapped his massive tongue with clingfilm and then got to work painting an accurate portrait of the hosts.

Stoeberl’s journey to becoming a Guinness World Record holder was not an easy one. He had to follow specific criteria set by the organization, which included taking three measurements from the top of the closed lip to the tip of the tongue, and the average of those three measurements was put on a medical statement, which was then filmed and evaluated by Guinness.

When Stoeberl was asked by the This Morning host how he first realized that his tongue was much larger than the average person’s, he said, “As a kid sticking my tongue out, of course, it was longer than other kids who may have been sticking their tongues out at me. In high school, I got the nickname, Gene Simmons. That’s when it kind of became more popular.”

For those who are not aware, Gene Simmons is the lead vocalist of the band KISS and has become famous for sticking out his large tongue during performances. Simmons even insured his tongue for almost $1 million, such was its value to him and his band’s image.

Stoeberl’s large tongue, while undoubtedly impressive, can sometimes be an inconvenience for him, especially when eating out. However, he has found a way to manage this problem with humor and grace. “In restaurants, I do try to be polite and use a napkin, but if I can’t find one, then I just sort of [lick my face]. It’s very eco-friendly,” he joked.

Stoeberl’s story is a reminder that there is beauty in individuality and that our unique traits can help us stand out from the crowd. While some might view his large tongue as a curiosity, he has used it to break records, create art, and become a source of inspiration for those who feel different or out of place. He has shown that being different is not something to be ashamed of but something to be celebrated.

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