Why Sleepy Joe Said He Doesn’t Talk Foreign Policy In Public Is Totally Insulting!


The Foreign Policy of President Joe Biden has been thrown under the bus after his debacle in Afghanistan which caused thousands of lives in jeopardy, and more Americans are still living beyond enemy lines.

But what is more adamant being how this administration is managing to ignore the aftermath they have done and certainly accusing other people of what happened.

We already know and witnessed how these Democrats dodge questions about their controversial issues. Well, Biden seems to suck at it too.

Remarkably, Biden’s claims about the $3.5 trillion spending bill would magically cost zero dollars, it was trashed by the Congress even with the help of his master, Susan Rice. Well, that’s just another Democrat who hates America silently.

Recently, Biden was coughing his speech all the way out, and suddenly, a random reporter asked him a two-part question. While the first was about raising the debt ceiling, which is why Biden was there in the first place – the second question was a matter pertaining to Ethiopia. Although it is not known what the reporter was going to ask, President Biden, acting as he knows, quickly goes on the defense and says he won’t talk foreign policy because he doesn’t want to confuse the American people, but is it the voters that are really confused?

Watch it here: Youtube/GOP War Room

Biden just proved that he is mentally confused of who is at fault when it’s pretty clear how bad his Foreign Policies are, still Pelosi claims it as a good idea. What a jerk.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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