Biden Forgetting The Names Of People He Sees Everyday!


Look… It seems Biden wants to give up and let the FEMA guy go nameless.

At this point, we want Biden to stop acting that everything is okay because something terrible is happening to our country because of him!

Now we will start asking tough questions like, “Which does he have, Alzheimer’s or dementia?” and “What type of care home should we place him in?”

It’s ironic that we allow this mentally unstable person to run our country, and the media ignores this! Does everyone notice that the person running our country is a confused man blathering away in a nursing home?

Will we still pretend that the chaos is a childhood stutter?

And now, with the stress of Afghanistan, are things getting even worse for Joe’s fragile brain?

Today, Joe held a presser, where he discussed the issues folks are facing over Tropical Storm Henri, and he said that he couldn’t think of a better person to handle the situation…and then completely forgot who the person was that he was talking about.

Way to “think,” Joe.

It got so bad, I thought Joe was just gonna give up and let the Fema guy go nameless.

Here are the comments from folks online:

“He should of just stopped at “… I can’t think..” he would have got a standing ovation”

“Clown clown clown”

“laughingstock of the world”

“Joe Blow needs to go!”

“What’s with the fake ass bookshelf behind the fake ass President?”

“Sad state of affairs”

“Medication time”

I know I am getting sick of being led by a buffoon, how about you?

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