While You Spent A Trillion On Afghanistan, Here’s What The Russians Spent That Money On!


The situation is totally comparative with other nations as others rejoice of what they earn, we aren’t. Thanks to the Biden Administration for making it worse.

We may be able to recall how many American and Afghan lives were taken in Afghanistan for the never-ending war.

Also, the money our Government has spent so far is up to Trillions of funds from Americans paying taxes but now may be considered to be taken for granted by Biden himself. That is such a bad decision.

After recalling the years we spent training and funding the Afghans who turns out to be unable to defend themselves, we lost. Literally.

I can still remember what the Prime Minister of Pakistan said, “The United States initiative to propose a military solution in Afghanistan is a complete failure. The United States messed up, big time.”

Those are heavy and meaningful words from a neighboring country of Afghanistan who is now resisting to join the conflict between the United States and the Talibans.

He said, “Economy-wise, we cannot afford to join anymore conflict as we did in the past, we are still recovering from Bankruptcy and grieving for the 70,000 men we lost in the war.”

As of this writing, the Biden administration still hasn’t made up a plan to retrieve the big numbers of war equipment and classified documents from the hands of the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Russia is not wisely developing its borders even more. According to the Gateway Pundit, “The Russian retreat from Afghanistan was a script the United States failed to follow. The Russians left in an orderly manner and left no one behind.”

Such a wise President compared to our Alzheimer’s Driven Biden who has bad dementia leading us right now.

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