Yet ANOTHER Jeffrey Epstein Associate Has Committed Suicide….


In a world where the bad guys used to be top dogs, another main player bit the dust, leaving behind a scary quiet and a heap of questions still needing answers.

The sinister network that once powered the notorious Jeffrey Epstein‘s perverse indulgences has suffered a blow as Jean-Luc Brunel, a modeling agent and reputed accomplice, was found lifeless in his French prison cell. Allegedly having procured over a thousand young girls for Epstein’s illicit activities, Brunel’s end—eerily similar to Epstein’s own demise—has brought a chilling wave of dread over Ghislaine Maxwell‘s kin, who fear for her safety in the shadows of these uncanny prison suicides.

The timing of Brunel’s death sends shockwaves as it comes just days after Epstein’s acquaintance, Prince Andrew, decided to settle a lawsuit with Virginia Roberts. Roberts, a survivor of Epstein’s trafficking ring, alleged that she was sexually abused by the prince—a claim introduced to the public eye through Epstein and Maxwell. Although the lawsuit concluded with a settlement, there was no admission of guilt or any confession of wrongdoing from the prince.

Roberts had further implicated Brunel, claiming that he played a significant role in Epstein’s heinous operation by supplying thousands of underage girls for Epstein’s exploitation. At the time of his death, Brunel was facing trial in France, charged with the rape of minors. His sudden demise has only amplified the concerns of Maxwell’s family over her safety, as she is currently held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York.

In a recent exchange with the New York Post, Ian Maxwell, Ghislaine’s brother, expressed his shock and confusion over Brunel’s death. He acknowledged that his sister was considered a suicide risk, despite her psychiatrist’s advice to the contrary.

Maxwell is subjected to welfare checks every fifteen minutes due to her perceived risk, a measure Ian condemns as a gross violation of prisoner rights and human rights, especially since he does not believe his sister poses a real suicide risk.

In a bitter irony, Ian noted that while his sister is on a strenuous suicide watch, both Epstein and Brunel managed to take their own lives while in custody. Maxwell was found guilty in December of trafficking minors for Epstein’s perverse desires, with prosecutors successfully demonstrating her active role in facilitating Epstein’s sexual abuse of numerous girls and women.

Brunel was alone and unobserved by any security cameras when he met his end, a circumstance that will undoubtedly fuel conspiracy theories, given Epstein’s own similarly unobserved demise. Brunel was incarcerated at La Sante, a prison notorious for its tough conditions in France.

An investigative source reported the discovery of Brunel’s body during a night patrol, sparking a judicial inquiry into the circumstances of his death, with initial evidence suggesting suicide.

Upon hearing of Brunel’s demise, Roberts expressed disappointment that she would not get the opportunity to witness him being held accountable in a final trial. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that his death signaled the closure of another chapter in this grim saga.

Source: AWM

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