What Lyft Just Did Will Make You Want To Walk Instead!


Biden’s America is making these private companies to reign their own rules…

After suspending a driver for simply listening to his favorite radio talkshow as his passenger thinks it racist and the host is a loser. That is totally insane. Truly fascist.

Now after the new abortion law in Texas has been up, this LYFT company is instead giving support to those who are not with the new law. How is that even acceptable and how are they still in operation?

Well, let me tell you first about the law, which went into effect this week, bans abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy. It lets private citizens sue anyone who helps someone obtain an abortion, including by providing a ride to a clinic. That’s raised concerns that ride-hailing drivers could be sued simply for transporting passengers.

LYFT released a statement last Friday that was signed by CEO Logan Green, President John Zimmer, and General Counsel Kristin Sverchek saying, “Drivers are never responsible for monitoring where their riders go or why. Imagine being a driver and not knowing if you are breaking the law by giving someone a ride Similarly, riders never have to justify, or even share, where they are going and why. Imagine being a pregnant woman trying to get to a healthcare appointment and not knowing if your driver will cancel on you for fear of breaking a law. Both are completely unacceptable.”

Maybe we should start walking now and stop supporting these companies but this would have a tremendous effect on drivers too.

Oh my America, what’s going on?

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, NPR

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