Where Did The Biden Millions REALLY Come From?


Have you ever wondered how these corrupt politicians make millions of dollars?

To put things in perspective, the salary of a public servant is not that much, all things considered, even the salary of the President is just $400,000 per year. So why on earth do they earn millions?

According to the WLT report, a lot of these politicians score the so-called ‘book deal’….Sometimes this actually involves the legitimate sale of books, and other times the books are simply a front for money laundering—’speaking fees’ work the same way.

Come on, let’s just be realistic, you can’t generate tens of millions in income in a very short span of time if you’re just a politician. Even if every penny of that money was invested properly, and even sagely.

Well, the same question is hunting Joe Biden… How do these people make low-mid, six-figure salaries, spend a short time in office, and then come out with a net worth in the tens, or hundreds of millions?

Multiple sources confirmed that Biden’s tax returns do not account for his now vast wealth, so how did he come across it? ‘Book deals’? his son’s ‘art sales’? Numerous overseas business deals in Ukraine, perhaps?

Joe Biden’s latest tax returns indicate:

The Federalist asks:

As it stands, we’re left to trust USA Today that Jill grossed $3 million (royalties plus about $700,000 from speaking fees) for a book that sold only 7,000 copies in its first week, and that from that book deal she netted more than $1 million in the two years prior to its release, but only $175,319 in the year it was published (2019).

It’s possible an advance was paid, but could a publisher have justified that amount?

According to Conservative News Daily:

The same media that ignored Hunter’s laptop has shown a complete incuriosity about these entities, accepting the premise that Joe and Jill raked in $13 million from their book deal to generate their huge increase in income.

We simply don’t know if that’s true, though. What we do know is that their book sales were dismal.

Sources: WLT, Conservative News Daily, The Federalist

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