Why Is The Bogus Jan 6 Committee Saying They Have Evidence On Donald Trump?


While America is in complete chaos because of Joe Biden’s inept leadership, Democrats choose to focus on prosecuting Trump over their fake sources.

Meanwhile, Joe continues to put America in great shame, the US has the worst economy in recent history, record-high crime and illegal immigration, and a disastrous war in Ukraine that could have been prevented

Democrats and their RINO allies in Congress seem ready to attempt to criminally prosecute Trump for his alleged role in the January 6th unrest.

It’s somehow funny because these Dems seem not learning a lesson after two failed impeachment attempts. Now, Democrats plan to draw their kangaroo court out into the criminal court.

More details from Daily Mail Report:

More details from Daily Mail Report:

“Liz Cheney confirmed Sunday the Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack has enough evidence to refer to Attorney General Merrick Garland a criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump.

‘It’s absolutely clear that what President Trump was doing, what a number of people around him were doing, that they knew it was unlawful. They did it anyway,’ Cheney said to CNN’s State of the Union host, Jake Tapper.

The Wyoming at-large representative is one of two Republicans on the select committee probing the events of January 6 , 2021 – the other is Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. The remaining seven members are all Democrats.

As the nine-member panel plans to issue a final report on its findings, it’s unclear if that will actually include a criminal referral to President Joe Biden‘s attorney general.”

100 Percent Fed Up noted:

The committee believes that they could criminally prosecute Trump after a ruling by a judge in the Federal District Court in California found that it was ‘more likely than not’ that Trump committed federal crimes. 

Trump used legal means to contest the election results, such as challenging them in courts.

Sources: 100percentfedup, Daily Mail 

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  1. The committee should be charged for false charges and others like Pelosi who congered up fake insurrection.

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