What They Just Told Their Union About The Vaccine Is Perfect!


Biden’s vaccine mandates ruin regular American’s lives, but these hard-working Americans wouldn’t back down without a fight.

Working Americans have had enough of Biden’s unconstitutional mandates, He’s forcing everyone to stand up and fight against him.

What happens next is pretty stunning to see, I mean you don’t see it very often, if ever.

It all started when a union boss forced a group of construction workers to take a jab but things didn’t turn out well, because right in front of him they just savagely “turned down” him.

Here’s an excerpt from The Australian reports:

The Union boss John Setka tried to calm down the crowd but retreated inside when things turned violent.

Riot police have pelted rubber bullets at protesters during a bloody, chaotic brawl that saw hundreds of people storm the CFMEU headquarters protesting mandatory vaccinations for construction workers.

Several people were arrested during the violent demonstration where union officials were forced inside the building while angry protesters smashed up and graffitied property.

Bottles, cans, and pallets were launched at shop stewards during the chaos.

You may watch the videos below:

Seeing stuff like this and the other protest videos of Aussie’s rising-up changes the narrative.

Prior to this, we were told that everyone was complying, and enjoyed the mandates and tyrannical lockdowns.

That doesn’t look to be the case, and the country’s officials appear to be losing their hold.

Here are some comments from the folks online:

“How much have the union bosses been paid to not support the workers?”

“It’s so fascinating how many „institutions“ are clearly losing their covers during this so called pandemic… it gets more and more clear that they are simply system puppets… nothing more…”

“Wow a union leader selling out his own brothers… Shocking!!  NOT!”

“Bring eggs and tomatoes next time!”

“That’s what union bosses do frequently. Follow the money trail..”

“The dudes at the top, of every union, sell out the people, who they get a living, off their sweat.”

“Setka, run mate you’re done!”

“that’s how you win it…you all stand together and all walk off the job…”

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