What The Obamas Just Said Was Their Most Divisive Statement Yet!


Barack and Michelle Obama are remembering George Floyd on the one-year death anniversary on Tuesday.

Michelle spoke out to pay tribute to him, and to say that the last year has “given us reasons to hope.”

How is that “hopeful?” When during those riots over 20 people lost their lives, and countless businesses and homes were destroyed. This country has never been more divided.

The Obamas then again politicizing a situation that caused so much death, heartache, and destruction, for their own personal gain.

Absolutely, these people have no shame whatsoever.

Here how they express their sentiments on social media:

“George Floyd was murdered one year ago today. Since then, hundreds more Americans have died in encounters with police—parents, sons, daughters, friends taken from us far too soon,” Obama wrote on Twitter. “But the last year has also given us reasons to hope.

“Today, more people in more places are seeing the world more clearly than they did a year ago. It’s a tribute to all those who decided that this time would be different—and that they, in their own ways, would help make it different,” he continued, going on to add that progress “takes time.”

“But if we can turn words into action and action into meaningful reform, we will, in the words of James Baldwin, ‘cease fleeing from reality and begin to change it,’” Obama concluded.

Michelle also honored Floyd by sharing a video to social media in which his daughter Gianna said that “Daddy changed the world.”

“It’s been a year since those horrifying 8 minutes and 46 seconds stole George Floyd’s life. Today, I am thinking of this clip of his daughter Gianna, and all the young people out there who have seen so much, but refuse to give up hope,” Michelle wrote alongside the video.

“All of us have a role to play to hold our leaders accountable and speak out about injustice. Let’s make sure that ‘Daddy changed the world’ isn’t a fleeting moment online, but a lasting change across the country,” Michelle continued. “I’m sending all my love to Gianna and to the rest of the Floyd family today. Her dad did change the world, and now it’s up to the rest of us to continue changing it for the better.”

What the Obamas should have said was something like this:

We remembver the life of George Floyd, who was tragically killed during a sesselesss situation that should have never happened. We also remeber all of the people who were killed in the violent riots following Mr. Floyd’s death and the busisneesses and families who were impacted by the violence. Our hope is that everyone can heal and move foreward now that justice has been served, and that good citizens and good police officers will join forces to make sure our communities are stronger and safer for everyone.

That’s what they should have said if they were speaking to all of America.

But they’re not, because they’re not interested in “uniting” anyone.

Sources: WayneDupree, Lifezette

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