They Went Missing For Years And Then They Found Them In Plain Site!


A bad divorce resulted in a very controversial disappearance of the two teenage daughters of David and Sandra Rucki.

“On August 31, 1991, David Victor Rucki married Sandra Sue Grazzini in a traditional Catholic ceremony at St. Patrick’s Church in Edina, Minnesota,” is the opening statement in the newly released book, “The Girls are Gone.”

But after many years of living together, they decided to get a divorce leaving their 5 children devastated. Their story become a headline of many news outlets around the United States because of its bizarre turn of events.

The couple had five children that they were fighting over custody for all of them – and then Sandra came forward with an accusation of abuse, but David denied that he ever hit Sandra.

This accusation was too much for the children to bear. They couldn’t stand thinking that behind closed doors, their dad was beating their mother and abusing her in all kinds of unthinkable ways.

Their teenage daughters hated seeing their parents constantly fighting and yelling at each other. Then, all of a sudden, 14-year-old Samantha and 13-year-old Gianna disappeared from the family’s Minnesota home. No one could find them or had any clue where they had gone during the custody battle.

Another claim was made by Sandra against her husband saying that he threatened to shoot her and the children a month after the girls disappeared.

Their family feud just get intense after Samantha and Gianna were officially listed as missing persons.

Their family was distraught and hoping to find them as quickly as possible. But the girls did not want to be found. They wanted to avoid their family troubles.

However, no matter how the Police tried their best to follow every lead possible. They just couldn’t get any track of the missing girls.

Then, in 2015, the cops got a big break. They followed a stale trail all the way to White Horse Ranch, which was about three hours from the family’s home.

Finally, the sisters were found 944 days later at the White Horse Ranch in Herman, Minnesota, where they had been living with Gina and Doug Dahlen.

This location provides therapy to abused children. And, by the mother’s accounts, Samantha and Gianna were under abusive stress at the hands of their violent father.

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Owners Doug and Gina Dahlen told police that Sandra dropped the girls off at the therapy ranch. But after dropping the girls off, she never came back to visit. They said the girls had lived on the ranch from April 2013 to November 2015, when they left on their own accord.

During this time, a court-appointed psychologist reported that Sandra brainwashed her children against David and tricked them into going into hiding at the therapy ranch.

Sandra was arrested. David was given full custody of all five children. Although he had accusations against him, it seemed like Sandra was the one who was wrong.

“If that community and church looked the other way, then shame on that community,” David told the Star Tribune. He was appalled that the Dahlens failed to alert him that they were housing his teenage children.

Sandra found herself a free agent again when she was released from jail in October 2016. However, she will be completing her next stint of jail time over the next six years. She’s currently trying to fight her ex-husband for the custody of her beloved children. But do they want her back? Only time will tell.

What do you think about this crazy story? Did you think the mother was responsible for what they claimed?

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