What The Dems Big Bill Is About To Give ILLEGAL ALIENS Will Make you See Red!


Just 9 months of his regime, Biden has been managing to stroke us with disastrous decisions that will surely destroy our country in no time.

We all can witness how Biden is ignoring the situation in the borders, keeping them open for illegal aliens… What is his real motive anyway?

Remember, his first executive order is to half the building project of the walls in the borders.

This is too much for us already, he obviously did not think about our safety, our civil rights have been totally abused.

He is more focused on bringing in terrorist-ridden refugees from a country whom he recently handed to the Taliban militants and now keeping America open to illegal aliens. This is sickening!

And with this very controversial bill which many opposed, it’s really surprising how they wanted these illegal immigrants to receive free community college tuition. This is just a huge banner invitation to more illegal aliens to come to America.

The Association of Community College Trustees wrote in a fact sheet for the bill, “Community college students eligible to receive tuition assistance under this bill are those who qualify for in-state community college tuition. Individuals who are precluded from qualifying for in-state tuition due to their immigration status are also eligible for tuition assistance under this measure.”

One of many, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) have told Fox News via email that the provision would lead to more illegal immigration

“Illegal immigrants skipped the line and broke our laws — they should not be rewarded with free tuition, but Democrats want to use your money to pay for them to go to college and that’s not fair, and it will only incentivize more illegal immigration.” Sen. Tom Cotton said.

A Democratic aide on the House Education and Labor Committee told the outlet that providing free community college tuition to illegal immigrants is no different than current K-12 education policies, which require schools to provide education to children whether they are citizens or not.

The Colorado Newsline reported that the provision would provide “two years of tuition-free community college for students.”

Newsline wrote, “The proposal calls for the federal government to dole out $111 billion to states from 2023 to 2028. The states would use that money to cover tuition for community college students and to receive the money, though, states could not deny the tuition-free benefits based on ‘citizenship, alienage, or immigration status.’”

The provision would violate laws in several states, the outlet reported.

“Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina prohibit unauthorized immigrants from enrolling in at least some of their public universities and colleges, and Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin bar undocumented students from receiving in-state tuition. Other states impose other restrictions on tuition benefits for undocumented students.”

While Colorado and New York stand by allowing illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition and state financial aid.

President Joe Biden is onto something that is not making America a great nation in the future and the thoughts of this are making me wanted to migrate to Russia soon. What a joke President.

Sources: DailyWire, Colorado News Line, FoxBusiness

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  1. We the People are tired of the Government giving Our TAX $$$ to people that illegal and breaking our Government open their Border Period do we have to wait until the Government close our garage Door or our doors in our on out own Houses well of course Not and TEXAS should Close their Southern Doors Period

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