Rand Paul Just Issued A DIRE WARNING To All Americans!


Right now, it’s not the COVID virus that’s making Americans sick – it’s the Biden administration who’s been fueling fear through its tyrannical mandates.

Recently, Corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced that he ordered the FBI to mobilize targeting parents complaining about the debated controversial COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Parents are raging about the coercion of COVID-19 restrictions and teaching CRT.

On the other hand, NSBA also labeled these concerned parents as ‘domestic terrorists.’

Now Senator Rand Paul is blasting the Biden administration for this mess and warned our dear citizens to “be afraid of your government.”

Sen. Rand Paul has told Fox News, “Moms at school boards are being told that they’re criminals, potential domestic terrorists, for the crime of dissent, and I think criminalizing dissent is something that we should all be appalled with.”

And after he was asked about whether parents should be concerned about saying the wrong things in school board meetings, Sen Paul responded with, “I would say be afraid. Be afraid of your government. That is a sad thing from someone in the government to say, but the thing is, is those lists already exist. I think the problem is, it’s become so normalized to use government to search out and seek out your opponents.”

This has been so bizarre, and after seeing what Garland’s plan is, Paul added, “If you go to a school board meeting and you’re disruptive and you don’t obey the rules of the school board meeting, then there will be local punishment. But that has nothing to do with the federal law, it has nothing to do with the Department of Justice. What Merrick Garland did is, he’s attempting to stifle dissent, and he’s attempting to say, ‘Beware, or Big Brother’s coming after you if you speak out against my policies or against the Biden policies.’”

Source: WayneDupree

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