What She Said About People Complimenting Her On Her Looks Is Beyond mind Blowing…


Being a parent is never easy, and being judged by people who don’t even know you don’t make the job any easier. Mom shaming is not new, and unfortunately, many moms experience it at one time or another while they’re parenting their children.

This is exactly what happened to best-selling author, real estate mogul, and reality star Tracy Tutor. Where she becomes a target for mom-shaming.

Tutor,  made a name for herself selling (yep!) million-dollar listings long before she was famous on Bravo for being the first female realtor on the hit show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

With nearly two decades of luxury real estate experience under her belt, Tutor is one of the top agents at Douglas Elliman Beverly Hills, representing some of the most noteworthy brands in real estate and architecture.

Here’s what Tutor told Yahoo Life:

“The girls see me working as a divorced mom. It’s hard to raise young women today and give them the tools they need to become a successful adult and not dependent on men.” She added, “I found that once I had these little girls who looked up to me, my life shifted. I had to live without having to depend on someone for their entire existence and happiness.”

Tutor has definitely endured her share of mom shaming through her parenting journey, but she has found that focusing on her daughters and not the negative energy has helped keep her focused.

She explained, “I hear that I’m too sexy to be a mom, that I work too hard… I get tons of shame. I had to look at my two daughters and really not let that creep in because I have two fabulous kids.”

It’s definitely a juggling act for Tutor to balance mom life and work life. She admits that she hardly ever has time just for herself.

She said, “I do try to take little moments to take care of myself and do beauty stuff.” She added, “I take the time when I can to feel good — but I can’t say it’s frequent.”

One challenge Tutor has when it comes to carving out time for herself is that real estate is a 24/7 job. She said, “We kind of work seven days a week, and I’m never really ‘off duty,’ even when I’m on vacation.” Sounds a lot like the job of a parent – you’re never really “off duty” as a parent either.

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