CNN Asked Her What She Thought Of Biden, And It Went TOTALLY Downhill!


We are all aware of how bad this Biden administration has been handling our Government, from bad COVID-19 pandemic controversies, Souther Border crisis, and recently his debacle in Afghanistan. Seems Biden is fond of adding water to his sinking legacy. Ain’t he?

It is hurricane season, and these storms tend to happen annually.

Hurricane Ida was closing in on Louisiana on Sunday, it was growing stronger and approaching Category 5 strength.

The hurricane’s sustained winds had been clocked at 150 mph, only 7 mph short of the Category 5 rating of 157 mph, according to the Weather Channel.

Recently, The Biden administration vows to help Louisiana recover, promotes infrastructure plans. I am hoping this vow won’t be broken.

President Joe Biden promised federal aid to storm-ravaged Louisiana and urged national unity for the long recovery still to come on Friday after Ida devastated parts of the U.S. Gulf Coast and unleashed even deadlier flooding in the Northeast.

But why would this Myra Castro tells CNN that she was sleeping in her car and her children are going hungry in the September heat?

Watch the video here posted by America Rising on their Twitter account:

She said, “My kids are hot, we hungry, we gonna die in here. Where’s FEMA. Where’s the Red Cross? We need help now. Can you help us?”

“It’s hard out here, can they help us? Where’s the president? Can he come to help us?” – She added.

Sources: The Western Journal, Reuters

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