What Jim Acosta Just Did Made Him Look Like A Complete IDIOT!


CNN anchor mocked after posting photo of himself receiving the coronavirus vaccine on Monday.

CNN’s Jim Acosta was slammed on Monday night after posting a photo of  himself donning a self-aggrandizing T-shirt touting stories he’s covered as a reporter in 2020 while getting vaccination, quickly became a trending topic as he was called a “narcissist” by critics.

The 49-year-old anchor, who became a “familiar foe” of former President Donald Trump during his term in office, celebrated receiving the jab by writing: “Just the shot in the arm I needed.He added: “The latest studies show the Covid-19 vaccines are highly effective. Please do your part to end this pandemic. Get your shot!”

Jim showed up to get his COVID-19 vaccine while wearing a t-shirt with the text, “In 2020, I covered the impeachment trial & a caucus night (that lasted a week) & the primaries & the covid pandemic & the economic crash & the racial justice protests & Lafayette Square & so many rallies & the death of RBG & the president’s 1AM coronavirus diagnosis & a Supreme Court confirmation & an election night (that lasted a week) & things by tweet & the recounts & the presidential transition & I have a commemorative shirt to prove it.”

“My goodness this t-shirt is quite the way of screaming that you’re a certifiable narcissist,” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck wrote. “Jim Acosta has to be in the top ten of the most self-centered journalists and Americans period.”

The shirt is currently on sale on the White House Correspondents’ Association website.

Sources: foxnews.com, washingtonexaminer.com, independent.co.uk

4 thoughts on “What Jim Acosta Just Did Made Him Look Like A Complete IDIOT!

  1. Acosta is a complete fool ,but the whole CNN is occupied of illiterates,Racists,America haters and Black women who are not mentally functional

  2. Didn’t bother to read the article. Just dropped in to say……..Acosta doesn’t LOOK like an idiot………he IS and idiot.

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