What Biden’s Gatekeeper Blamed Joe’s Low Polls On Is Disgusting!


Jen Psaki is passing the blame to the American people for refusing to take vaccines that result in low polls for Joe.

Psaki really needs a hard slap so she can wake up from a very long coma…

Recently, the rating of President Joe Biden has been thrown outside the bus. I have no questions and wonder about why it fell really bad like that. It’s pretty obvious.

With that being said, It’s amazing to me how the Biden Admin and Joe Biden himself simply can’t take responsibility for anything. Literally cannot take a single critic, instead blames somebody else. What a crap.

Previously, Biden claims that the death of 13 service members who we consider heroes are a success and actually got annoyed that Americans weren’t giving him props.

For the record, it was the most bizarre moment ever and also the worst speech by a so-called “president.”

then Joe blamed the unvaccinated people for the covid recent surge. Really? Well, the fact that more new cases are coming from the vaccinated people. Wow! Ain’t surprised.

Now after the latest poll about Joe Biden is drastically bad. Really bad.

The specific poll was not mentioned. Earlier this week, an Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index poll showed 53% of Americans say they have little or no trust in Biden when it comes to COVID.

Psaki said she believes that the polls are “more a reflection of people being sick and tired of COVID.”

She said some people who are vaccinated are frustrated that others refuse to take the jab, and blamed “the rise of Delta” (the variant) for crimping the U.S.’s return to normal.

Then this Jen Psaki blamed somebody else Again.

President Joe Biden’s legacy is absurd and a complete mess, I bet he would blame somebody else for that as well.

Clearly, this administration is busy with destroying America and its reputation while being so absurd and arrogant claiming it was good.

Clearly, America in a nutshell.

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