What Biden Called Illegal Border Crossings Is Absolutely TREASON!


The safety of the United States has already been compromised, and it all roots down to Joe Biden’s irresponsible leadership.

After President Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan where he had to cater thousands of refugees because of failed leadership towards the country, not only that it populates our beloved country but also brings in more impostor refugees who are actually ISIS members. Can you imagine the threat of that already? They are able to enter the United States without any problem and with ease too.

Previously, there were reports that some Afghans have brought in measles virus to one of our evacuation centers here in America. That’s a heck of a problem already.

Meanwhile, the situation on the Southern border just keeps getting bigger and destructive.

After alleged reports of border patrol officers whipping people with horses, not only that stains the reputation of these brave patrolmen but just a clear sign that Biden could not handle what he started.

As reported by 100% FedUp, there are about 15K illegals were quickly processed, and most released into the U.S., thousands more illegals are now encouraged and making the trek to America’s southern border. Joe Biden’s policy of open borders for anyone in the world who wants to enter the U.S. is dangerous and irresponsible. DHS Director Mayorkas called illegal crossings a “proud tradition” during an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News.

That number is insane! Mayorkas was also noticed that he is dodging the question. Ever wonder why? President’s order.

You may watch the videos below:

According to figures from the National Migration Service, over 80K illegals have entered Panama this year. Panama went from receiving an average of 800 migrants in January to 30,000 in August.

Watch it here: France24English/Youtube

Panamanian government sources say that up to 4,000 people are now making their way north to the U.S.

Also, over 16,000 illegals are stuck in the northern Colombian beach town of Necocli (see video below), waiting their turn to make the journey north to America.

Saying that you want to “look for a better opportunity” is not a legit reason to be let into the U.S. Can you imagine going to a foreign country and illegally entering as these people have here in America? Absolutely not!

Watch it here: Youtube/Ruptly

Newsmax reports that Colombia and Panama agreed last month that 500 migrants could cross per day, but local officials have repeatedly urged them to raise the quota, saying it is far too low to keep pace with the up to 1,500 migrants who arrive in town daily.

Panama’s President Laurentino Cortizo told the United Nations that more than 80,000 illegals have traveled through Panama this year and want international assistance to care for the illegals. Why not refuse entry to them?

The Center for Immigration studies investigated the terror threat in the pathway from Panama and Columbia to the U.S.:

Watch it here: CenterForImmigration/Youtube

Costa Rica’s path for illegals:

Watch it here: CenterForImmigration/Youtube

Source: 100% FedUp

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