Two NBA Stars Are About to Red Pill The Whole League!


Sometimes we get more common sense answers from people we don’t even think capable of giving. I  mean, politics is not their usual playground but they nailed it.

Recently, the vaccination mandates of Joe Biden has been very controversial not only that it manipulates our lives but also deprives our rights and freedom.

Why? The side effects of the vaccine itself are still an issue, not to mention that the new cases are from the vaccinated people. Vaccines are supposed to keep us away from COVID or getting it, right? But these reports do not make any sense.

Previously, President Joe Biden’s statement, “this pandemic is an epidemic for the unvaccinated people.” Not only that it a piece of false information but also created a division among the vaccinated people from the unvaxxed people and it is only generating hate and division. Well, that was Joe Biden’s effect. Ever since he was installed in the White House, America has been shattered into groups.

Not to mention his debacles from domestic to international areas, his reputation is already under the bus.

Going back to this vaccine dilemma, two influential NBA Players have something to say about the vaccine and it totally makes sense. Even reporters got their jaws to drop and said nothing but had to agree with their opinions.

Also, another young player said this but he was totally right like a veteran.

Their suggestions and opinions should be taken by our experts as it totally makes sense.

The Biden Administration seems more in favor of doing things their way and forgot that this pandemic is an epidemic of all. Not only for the unvaxxed people as the surge of Delta is getting worse, they think it’s a better idea to lie to the people and alter the reports. Yikes.

We need unity when it comes to a pandemic like these… but the Dems do not like it.

Source: WayneDupree

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