YES! Trump Just Confessed His Entire Game Plan!


Everyone’s biggest question right now is what Trump’s going to do? Will he run or not?

Because it sure feels like he will come back very soon, especially that after a word that just came in about the historic amount of money that he’s hauled in, and Richard Grenell a Trump loyalist just tweeted on his Twitter “He’s running.”

Well, it looks like Richard is right because Trump just gave his 2024 game plan when he was giving a speech and was interrupted by one woman in a small crowd that yells ‘’WE NEED YOU BACK!’’

Trump made a break and looked at the woman then he told her: ‘’You’re going to be very happy!’’

I don’t know if you can get more definitive than that without Trump coming right out and saying “yes, I am running in 2024.”

I really don’t think there’s much guessing left…I think we know who will be taking on Kamala – because we know Joe will be long gone by then (he’s already “long gone).

And bonus, do you see how fit and trim Trump looks?

He’s ready…

Here are some comments from the folks online:

“YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED YOU BACK!!!”

“THE STORM IS UPON US !!! Buckle up Patriots!!! Our prayers r going to be answered”

“Miss the greatest president of all time Trump!”

“Please, PLEASE, OH PLEASE be right! God I hope so.”

“Thats outstanding. We need him NOW before America goes completely to hell. Can’t even afford toiletries and groceries these days!”

“Can’t wait to vote for him a third time!”

“We need him now. We might not be here in 3 yrs at this rate’

“Thank goodness. I just hope to hell we survive until he is back in the WH again”

“I hope he wins a 3rd Term and doesn’t get cheated out of this one like the last one”

“God bless President Trump. Keep him safe and return him to the presidency. In Jesus’s name we pray.”

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