Two Female Paramedics Are in Big Trouble After Photos Of Them In The Ambulance Got Out…


There’s always this fine line that you have to make sure you don’t step over when it comes to moments like this, even when you are at work..

A pandemic is a particularly difficult time to be a paramedic.

However, a video of two ambulance workers having some lighthearted fun while on break received negative online feedback.

Rhianna Higgins and colleague Hattie Proctor, who were both working for Yorkshire Ambulance Service, spent their break dancing to a remix of Baby by Justin Bieber in the back of their car. The video was uploaded to TikTok by 25-year-old Rhianna from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, with the comment “Little boogie on break” and the hashtags “#999 #emergency” and “#uniform.”

In the back of what appears to be an ambulance, the fully uniformed professionals were spotted performing a dance routine. Opinions on the video clip, which features uniformed paramedics dancing in the back of an ambulance, have been met with divided opinions. The video prompted people to instantly share their displeasure and write negative feedback in the comments.

One critic wrote, “And people wonder why it takes three hours for one to turn up.”

“Now I know why my nan didn’t make it,” another person commented.

People thought it was inappropriate for them to utilize the ambulance for the video while they were in uniform, even though they were on break when they recorded the clip. Some individuals questioned the reason behind the female paramedics’ TikTok videos.

As one person asked, “Shouldn’t you be saving lives?”

“Wow, god help us all if we call 999 when all they think about is TikTok,” another user added.

However, many people enjoyed the dance party that took place in the ambulance’s back. Rhianna Higgins was able to make people happy by posting the footage to TikTok. While Hundreds of TikTok fans were offended by the video clip, which caused division.

One fan wrote,Great video, clearly states they were on a break! Probably trying to relax after saving a life!”

“They’re on a break, can’t fault them,” one woman wrote. As others noted that the two female paramedics were taking a break as the video was being taken.

“8 minutes to get my dad and save his life eight times over. Massive respect to ambulance services!”

The guidelines for using social media by employees were released by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust in the meantime.

The YAS staff social media policy states that, “At no time will using social media be allowed to take priority for the staff member; their treatment of patients and the ‘day job’ will always come first. If a member of staff discloses they work for YAS, they should ensure their profile and related content is consistent with how the Trust would expect them to present themselves at work.”

Watch the video below:


Little boogie on break 🕺💃 #fyp #foryoupage #999 #crew #crewbies #emergency #uniform #dance

♬ original sound – jjustindanehower

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