Top Trans Activist BUSTED In Major Child Abuse Attempt….


According to numerous accounts, a man who is a well-known transgender activist in the Bronx was arrested as a consequence of a sting operation by a group that targets child predators.

Lailani Muniz, who faces multiple charges including attempted sexual abuse, misconduct, and endangerment of minor, in a report by The Bronx Times, for allegedly enticing a juvenile for sex in Bedford Park, Muniz was detained.

The Reduxx reported that the arrest was related to a sting operation run by NY Creeps Spotlight’s Fred Medina.

“This channel is for educational and awareness purposes only, for use in regards to online predators. I’m based in NYC that strives to protect the children in our communities from these online predators and creeps. By catching and exposing these predators were raising community awareness around this overlooked issues. We hope to have our officials toughen the laws,” NY Creeps Spotlight stated on its YouTube page.

On its Instagram account, the group published screenshots of the accusations against Muniz. In the lawsuit against Muniz, the 39-year-old had a chat with a purportedly 14-year-old named Josh in March on the dating app Grindr, the Bronx Times report added. On Oct. 20, the two agreed to meet eventually. Though, it was revealed that at first Muniz was initially hesitant about the appointment as one text posted on Instagram showed.

He wrote, “I cant front i am nervous … i watch to much tv cause i know your young, it reminds me of the show to catch a predator where they set people up attracted to minors.”

The NY Creeps Spotlight was there to video what took place and posted it on YouTube when Muniz showed up. In the footage, Medina is heard asking Muniz why he is there and revealing that he is the person Muniz was messaging. Medina then called for the police, who responded, after Muniz sought to leave the location.

Before the NYPD officers eventually took Muniz away in handcuffs, Muniz engaged in a long conversation with the authorities. Muniz is the Chief Operations Officer for the New York Transgender Bodybuilding Federation, in the website of the group. At the Damian Family Care Center, he also works as a trauma-informed care specialist.

Reduxx report added that earlier this year, Muniz was recognized during an LGBT Pride flag-raising ceremony by Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson.

Watch the video report below for more details:

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