She Walked In For A Job Interview, And She Left In A Hearse…


A woman has tragically died following a freak accident in which she was strangled during a job interview.

In a tragic incident in Belarus, a 21-year-old pregnant woman named Umida Nazarova was strangled by her own hair and later died due to injuries.

According to reports, the pregnant store assistant was on a job interview in a factory when the incident happened after her hair got trapped in a factory machine and tore off her scalp. She died of the injuries on her head. The unfortunate incident took place when senior employees took her on a tour of the Svarmet factory in Borisov, Belarus, which makes welding wire and electrodes.

“Her throat was injured, according to the doctor. Her hair got wrapped around her neck and she was pulled into the mechanism,” revealed her heartbroken mother Olga. “If her scalp had not been torn off, she would have been strangled there and then by her own hair.” Despite this, Nazarova suffered injuries that ended up being fatal. She remained in the hospital for 20 days but unfortunately never regained consciousness following that accident.

The deceased father, Dmitry, now claims that safety rules that should have been followed were indeed flouted during Nazarova’s visit.

“They saw she had long hair, so why didn’t they give her something to cover it?” asked her devastated father. “They took two lives, she was seven weeks pregnant.”

As for her mother, Olga, she still cannot believe that she had not only lost her daughter but also her grandchild who hadn’t even been born yet. “We wanted to celebrate her wedding, and collect a grandson or granddaughter from the hospital, not this,” she said of the painful loss. “This is not what I wanted for my child.”

Meanwhile, the Belarus Investigative Committee released a statement later which shed some light on the fatal accident. 

“An employee, who was showing her how the equipment operates, paused to make a record in a register,” it read. “When she turned her head, she saw the woman already lying on the floor unconscious, her hair was tangled in the machine.”

According to Daily Mail, the plant paid for the expenses of the expecting woman’s funeral following a legal proceeding. It was later revealed that a court sentenced an unnamed plat head of production for failing to “fulfill her official duties due to dishonest and negligent attitude…causing the death of a person.”

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Sources: AWM, Daily Mail

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