They Let Us Look In the Bunker the Super Rich Will Go When It Finally Hits the Fan, And Boy Is It… [VIDEO]


In a world where the apocalypse seems like a looming possibility, the wealthiest one percent of Americans have found an escape route. Larry Hall, a visionary entrepreneur, has converted an old Cold War missile silo in Kansas – the prime location for such weaponry – into an opulent sanctuary for seventy-five affluent individuals seeking refuge from potential disaster.

The 2016 presidential campaign saw critics expressing concerns about entrusting Donald Trump with America’s nuclear codes. Despite his assurances of possessing the “very best temperament,” current events have proven otherwise. This situation has provided Hall with a fresh market of clients interested in securing their place in an apocalypse bunker for the worst-case scenario.

In 2008, Hall acquired the decaying missile silo and invested a staggering $20 million to transform it into a luxurious condominium capable of housing seventy-five residents. The bunker extends fifteen stories below the ground and features a high-speed elevator, providing convenient access to an array of amenities like a library, classroom, general store, cinema, swimming pool, rock climbing wall, and an aquaponics area for growing vegetables and fish.

The demand for safety and security in an increasingly uncertain world has allowed Hall to profit from self-made millionaires seeking refuge.

“All of our people are self-made millionaires. They’re very successful: doctors, engineers, lawyers, international business people… almost all of them have children. And they’re concerned about the ‘what if’ scenario,” Hall said.

Apart from nuclear Armageddon, Hall’s clients also worry about catastrophes like superstorms, tsunamis, and earthquakes. The ongoing economic collapse brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has further fueled their desire for a safe haven.

CNET provided an exclusive video tour of the survival condo, dispatching a reporter to delve into the depths of the bunker and explore the luxurious accommodations Hall’s wealthy clients have invested in.

Despite the allure of the underground haven, critics have not hesitated to voice their skepticism about its true efficacy. Some argue that reaching Kansas in time for an imminent disaster would be impossible, while others question the bunker’s functionality post-disaster, especially concerning power and water supplies.

Concerns were also raised about the bunker’s entrance and exit points, and its ability to withstand a direct nuclear hit. However, there are individuals who believe in making the most of their investment, regardless of the circumstances.

One person commented, “If I buy something like this, I’m living in it 24/7 whether there’s an apocalypse or not.”

Thus, amidst the fear and uncertainty that pervades the modern world, the wealthy few have found solace in an underground fortress, hoping it will be their salvation when the end of the world inevitably arrives.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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