This Starbucks Whiner Complained About Working For Eight Hours, And People Are Roasting Him Like…


I remember the good ole days when people didn’t share their meltdowns with the planet in a desperate cry for attention and sympathy.

Honestly, I thought this video was a parody.

In a TikTok video, a Starbucks barista named Eva having a meltdown over long working hours and rude customers has gone viral, earlier this fall. The 2:18 minute-long video, posted on August 8, 2022, has the employee claiming he is “constantly crying.”

The employee in the video can be heard saying:

“I’m literally about to quit. I don’t know if I’m going to do it, but like, I really want to. I almost walked out today. And I’m crying in the back room, and I almost cried on the floor.”

The trans Starbucks barista recently abandoned zhim/zher’s fellow employees to squirt a few tears and complain to the universe about having to work a whopping 25 hours per week, including a shift lasting unGodly eight-and-a-half hours.

“They scheduled me the entire day, open to close, that one’s scheduled for eight and a half hours, both Saturday and Sunday,” the poor thing lamented.

More details of his/her bizarre complaints as reported by AWM:

In the bizarre video, the coffee shop worker was heard complaining about the long shift at Starbucks and how customers were actually showing up to order drinks. Evan, who is a college student, had wanted the shift to be very slow and for the coffee chain that employs him to lose money that day due to a lack of sales. Unfortunately for Evan, the shop was quite busy, and he was expected to work really hard to satisfy all the thirsty customers coming to his Starbucks location to order lattes and Frappuccinos.

“People wonder why we need a union at Starbucks,” Evan says in the video while reaching the point of tears. “And I’m literally about to quit. I don’t know if I’m going to do it, but I want to. I almost walked out today, and I’m crying in the backroom now, and I almost cried on the floor.”

Evan is revealing how overwhelming life as a Starbucks employee is for him when he is scheduled for an eight-hour shift where dozens of customers come into the store looking to order their favorite coffee beverage.

“I’m a full-time student. I get scheduled for like twenty-five hours per week, and on weekends they schedule me the entire day – open to close. I was scheduled for eight and a half hours on both Saturday and Sunday. I’m three and a half hours into my shift, and there are so many customers. We have four people on the floor all day. Only five people were put on the schedule, and one had to call out. Only four people are in the whole store, and there are so many customers.”

Evan pleaded, “Why did they only schedule five people? We only have thirteen people employed at this store and so many customers.”

“It’s just not sustainable,” Evan said.

As much as I hate to agree with a liberal crybaby woman dressed up as a guy having a meltdown in Starbucks, she said that she’s a full-time student and working open to close all weekend. I did that in college and it fricking blows.

I work 80-100 hour weeks right now and I’d take that all day long over being a student and not having a second off on the weekends in a customer-facing job where you deal with hundreds of people in an understaffed store like Starbucks where you can’t step away for 5 seconds to take a piss. We’re not mentally designed to do that and it does in fact fricking suck.

Watch the video below for more details of his/her complaints:

Sources: AWM, Boredpanda

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