They Shot A Cop And Smiled About It, Then The Judge Handed Them A Dose Of Karma That…


When the scales of justice tip towards poetic retribution, even the most hardened criminals can taste the bitter pill of their own wrongdoing; such was the day in court for two suspects tied to a shooting that shocked an entire city.

Two men linked to the shooting of a police officer in Atlantic City, New Jersey, got a taste of their own medicine. Their shocking crime had left an officer paralyzed and fighting for life on a ventilator. As they entered the courtroom to face charges, they were greeted by a sea of uniformed police officers present to express solidarity and support for their wounded comrade, the hero officer.

New Jersey PBA president Patrick Colligan stated post-incident, “Our hearts are heavy at this hour, but our resolve to capture these suspects remains undeterred.” He added, “We ask for prayers for the officer, his family, and the Atlantic City Police Department.” These words reveal the steadfast commitment of law enforcement to uphold justice, standing in stark contrast to the destructive actions of those who would undermine our society’s stability.

The precipitating event was a robbery-gone-wrong outside Caesars casino in Atlantic City. Following a reported attempted robbery by three men of the secure building, two officers responded. This led to an intense shootout, which tragically ended in the fatal shooting of 25-year-old suspect Jerome Damon by the officers.

Suspects Demetrius Cross and Martel Chisolm were subsequently apprehended and incarcerated for their participation in the botched robbery and deadly gunfight. As they entered the courtroom, they were met by an army of uniformed officers, reminding them of the severity and the repercussions of their attack on their fellow officer.

Officer Jostle Vadell, 29, was grievously injured during the violent confrontation. He was promptly taken to a hospital, and after a harrowing period on a ventilator, his condition stabilized.

His wife updated his progress on Facebook, stating, “Update on Josh… he is doing amazing!!! They took him off the ventilator this morning; he is responding with small words, able to sit supported in a chair, and now having some movement on his left side.” She added, “He is improving every day, and I believe it is from all of the love and support you all bring to our family. Sorry, I can not respond to you all individually, but I see you all care, and I am telling Josh how much he is loved.”

The appearance of Cross and Chisolm in the courtroom was a unique scene. With the presence of numerous uniformed officers serving as a physical reminder of their misdeeds, the two suspects were visibly shaken. The sight of these criminals confronted by their potential fate should serve as a potent deterrent to those who might consider similar reckless actions.

One commenter on Facebook noted, “These two are a menace to society. They should never be released back into the community. Senseless.” This sentiment speaks volumes about the public’s frustration and impatience with individuals who disregard laws and place innocent lives in jeopardy.

“Great to see that the men and women in blue are showing support for each other,” another Facebook user added. This unified front displayed by our law enforcement officers, embodying strength and unity, stands as a testament to their dedication and resolve.

Source: AWM

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