They Handed Biden A Note, What Happened Next Was TOTALLY STRANGE!


Every time Joe Biden appeared on national TV he never failed to give us his embarrassing moments with all these blunders, and brain-freezes, lies, and wild stories.

And if I am to make a list of it, I lost count.

And another humiliating Biden moment just happened today and this could be the worst on the list.

While discussing the wildfire issue, Biden’s staff forwarded him a note that said “Sir, you have something on your chin.”

As soon as Biden received the note he slowly read and wipes his chin afterward, but bizarrely placed his hands in his mouth after wiping that thing on his chin.

I lost my appetite after watching it.

Watch it here: Twitter video

Here are close-up pics. It looks like egg yolk or lemon pudding if you ask me.

Here’s what people said online:

“Now his butt *and* his chin have been wiped! You go, Joe!”

“I don’t know if I can eat dinner tonight after seeing that.”


“Why was he holding the note outward like that? He’s so lost. This is sad.”

“I find this creepy because it seems that he’s treated like a child because he acts like one.” 

“WOW. He did eat it. Holy crap.” 

“It’s like he’s a child. His staff knows he’s a total mental mess” 

“This made me sick to my stomach” 

Later, Biden also got confused when trying to discuss “Deleware” wildfires.

Biden needs some sort of medical help. In his condition now he should no longer wander inside the White House since his actions appear that he might be having some case of Alzheimer’s disease.

Having him play as a so-called “president” won’t help him and his condition and of course, it doesn’t help the whole country too.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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