Chris Cuomo Took His Best Shot, And MISSED HORRIBLY!


After Peter Doocy’s interaction with Jen Psaki and Joe Biden over his broken promise on mask mandates, Chris Cuomo voluntarily joined the two with their conversation with the Fox News reporter just like a “knight and shining armor.”

It was in May when Biden said that if Americans want to stop wearing masks then they should take the vaccine. However; it is different now as Biden changed it together with his “scientists” friends that are requiring people again to wear masks regardless of their vaccine status as a backup.

This was the exact reason why Doocy questioned Biden about the mask mandate, he just wants to know if he forgot the promise that he made which is a very easy question to answer.

But surprisingly dementia Biden said that he never said such words then backtracked and said that it changed because things are different now especially with this new Delta variant.

And to save these two Dems from Doocy, Cuomo planned to act like a “white knight” and tried to face Doocy but what happened made him fell flat on his face.

As you know, about a year or so ago, Chris broke his COVID quarantine so he could head out and take a look at his million-dollar real estate purchase.
So this probably isn’t the guy who should be talking about COVID, at all….and doing get me started on his serial killing brother.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, he also got warning letters from his building manager for not wearing his mask.

So keep all of that in mind, when you read Cuomo’s response on the testy back-n-forth between Biden and Doocy.

Bad media? Vaccinated hostages? From THIS guy, of all people?

It didn’t take long for Chris, the unserious hypocrite, to get roasted.

Below are the comments from people online:

“Uh, you broke the quarantine bro, what are you even talking about?”

“You are the very definition of “bad media practice”:

1) interviewing (but never asking) your brother about his nursing home death scandal

2) lying about your “quarantine”

3) Covid VIP tests for your family and friends

4) giving big bro and company sexual harassment advice”

“This is classic, this road-rage madman complaining about “bad media practices LOL”

“Chris Cuomo the guy who went outside without a mask when he had full-blown COVID…maybe sit this one out, buddy”

“Remember when Chris got in trouble when all the people in his building complained that he wouldn’t wear his mask lol”

“Chris knows a thing or two about soft and lazy journalism”

“Chris, have you and Hunter been hitting the pipe again?”

Cuomo thinks he is a righteous fighter but actually, he was just one of these elites who do not have self-awareness. He’s a joke that nobody takes seriously. If they did, his show wouldn’t have such embarrassingly low ratings.

Source: Wayne Dupree


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