They Gave Stewart Rhodes 25 Years, What They Give Violent Murderers Will Make You See Red…


A chilling overreach by the Biden regime seeks to impose an excessive prison sentence on a nonviolent individual, revealing the administration’s politically biased approach to justice.

The Biden administration is pushing for a federal judge to impose a 25-year prison sentence on Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, despite his nonviolent actions on January 6.

Rhodes, who was present outside the US Capitol on January 6, neither entered the building nor instructed any member to do so. Furthermore, he advised his fellow Oath Keepers not to bring weapons into Washington DC. Rhodes did not engage in any form of violence, nor did he advocate for violence in the days leading up to the protests.

Regardless of these facts, the Biden administration accused Rhodes of “seditious conspiracy,” a baseless charge that illustrates the administration’s apparent desperation to punish him. Their request for a 25-year sentence far exceeds the average prison term for convicted murderers in the United States, which stands at 71 months or 6 years.

This disparity clearly demonstrates the decline of justice in the US, as the country now resembles a banana republic.

As reported by ABC:

The Justice Department’s request for a federal judge to sentence Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes to 25 years in prison comes after his conviction alongside other members of the anti-government militia group on charges of seditious conspiracy and other felonies related to their involvement in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The convictions of Rhodes and eight other Oath Keepers resulted from two separate trials in November of last year and in January. Six of the nine defendants were convicted on the primary seditious conspiracy charge, while the remaining three—Jessica Watkins, Thomas Caldwell, and Kenneth Harrelson—were acquitted of that charge but convicted of other serious felonies.

In their 183-page sentencing request, prosecutors stated on Friday evening, “These defendants were prepared to fight. Not for their country, but against it.” They continued, “In their own words, they were ‘willing to die’ in a ‘guerilla war’ to achieve their goal of halting the transfer of power after the 2020 Presidential Election.”

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, ABC News

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