ALERT: Key Hunter Biden Crony Is Cooperating With Republicans…


The House Oversight and Accountability Committee is investigating deals involving Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden, regarding business deals with members of the Biden family and foreign entities.

Eric Schwerin, a key business associate of Hunter Biden, is cooperating with the investigation. The committee recently received information that Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, are not planning to disclose all the information that the committee has requested regarding the Biden family’s foreign business transactions. As a result, the committee will begin issuing subpoenas right away.

“We know individuals, many are cooperating with us now, but others, not so much. We’re going to start subpoenaing people in the private sector, we’re going to start subpoenaing financial institutions to get us the information. And then we’ll go from there,” said House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer.

Although both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have denied any wrongdoing by the Biden family, Hunter Biden is being investigated by federal authorities for tax-related matters. According to emails found on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, Schwerin had a close relationship with both Hunter and Joe Biden during the elder Biden’s tenure as Vice President, and his son was involved in international business deals.

One such instance involved Schwerin’s involvement in reviewing and facilitating Hunter Biden’s business transactions with the Chinese energy company CEFC. This relationship has raised questions about whether the Biden family has been compromised by communist China.

Another report this week exposed that John Robinson “Rob” Walker, another controversial Hunter Biden business associate, appears to have visited the White House at least 16 times when Joe Biden was vice president. Walker worked with Hunter, President Biden’s brother Jim, their business associate James Gilliar, and Tony Bobulinksi in a failed joint venture called Sinohawk Holdings, which was meant to be a partnership with now-bankrupt energy firm CEFC, a Chinese Communist Party-linked company.

“Walker’s name resurfaced a couple of weeks ago when House Oversight Committee Republicans said they obtained records showing members of the Biden family received more than $1 million in payments from accounts related to Walker and their Chinese business ventures in 2017,” reported Fox News.

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The committee memo states that “Biden family members and their companies began receiving incremental payments over a period of approximately three months” from Walker. The revelation raises further questions about the involvement of the Biden family in foreign business dealings and the influence of communist China on the family’s affairs.

It is time for Hunter Biden and the Biden family to come clean and provide full transparency regarding their foreign business dealings. Refusing to assist in the investigation undercuts Hunter Biden’s claims that he doesn’t have anything to hide.

The American people deserve to know the truth about the Biden family’s involvement in foreign business deals and the potential influence of communist China on American politics. The House Oversight and Accountability Committee will continue to subpoena individuals and financial institutions until all information regarding the Biden family’s foreign business transactions is disclosed.

Sources: ConservativeBrief, FoxNews

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  1. There is a fat chance in hell that they “will come clean” about their dealings with foreign companies and countries. Marine Bob

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