There’s Something Very Wrong With Justice Kavanaugh…


Aside from Justice Brett Kavanagh, Is there anyone more disappointing than him?

He’s been a complete and absolute disappointment!

Just recently, Kavanagh and Roberts teamed up to push through the far left’s agenda, which is just another slap in the face to those who fought for Brett when he was on the verge of being eliminated.

It should be better if the left has him since he hasn’t done us any good so far. He appears to be just another ineffective and useless so-called “conservative,” who is more interested in liberal ideology than in “conserving” anything.

This recent verdict, as well as Kavanaugh’s betrayal of the people who practically went to bat for him, was covered in depth by Red State. To greenlight the CDC’s so-called eviction moratorium, Kavanaugh joined Chief Justice Roberts, whose betrayal is scarcely surprising at this time, and the three (far-left) liberals. Property theft is what the rest of us call it, and it is sanctioned by the government with no compensation or recourse.

While many landlords suffer, people can continue to live “rent-free.”

Even though there are plenty of jobs out there right now, but many people would rather stay at home and take government benefits.

The arbitrary nature of Kavanaugh’s decision is stunning. He says that the moratorium is fine as long as it does not stretch beyond July 31st. The CDC, he claims, would then require congressional approval. But why is that? What makes this date so special? Why is it legal for the government to force you to let someone steal your stuff for more than a year but only until July 31st?

It makes no difference if others understand every legal nook and corner of this decision. You don’t need a legal degree to understand that the government telling you that you must enable someone to steal your property is unlawful and wrong. The CDC had no reason to issue such an order in the first place, and they will have no reason to maintain it come June of 2021. That’s what Kavanaugh discovered, in my opinion, because he’s clearly not acting on the basis of the law, but rather on the basis of “compassion” and pragmatism. That’s not how it’s meant to work, and it’s certainly not justice.

It needs to stop to allow the Federalist Society to choose our nominees. They maybe did a fantastic job with Thomas and Alito, but they’ve been missing the point lately.

Clarence Thomas should be the one to choose our nominees.

Sources: WayneDupree, RedState

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  1. “Clarence Thomas should be the one to choose our nominees.”
    Smartest thing I’ve heard for some time.

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