The World’s Richest Man Just Ripped Joe Biden A New One!


During Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, he mentioned and praised Ford Motor and General Motors for their investments in electric vehicle production, but Biden didn’t mention one US EV maker and it’s the Tesla.

He praised the carmaker’s Ford and General Motors for investing billions of dollars into building electric vehicles, and it seems like he skipped Tesla, the world’s leading manufacturer of EVs.

Biden said, “Ford is investing $11 billion to build electric vehicles, creating 11,000 jobs across the country, GM is making the largest investment in its history: $7 billion to build electric vehicles, creating 4,000 jobs in Michigan.”

In a Twitter post, Tesla CEO Elon Musk quickly noticed how Biden snubbed his company during the SOTU. He took a Twitter post to highlight that compared to the two rival companies, Tesla has done more for the US than of the other manufacturing companies that Biden mentioned.

Musk said on Twitter, responding to a tweet from President Biden’s personal account:

“Tesla has created over 50,000 US jobs building electric vehicles & is investing more than double GM + Ford combined.”

His tweet received 185,000 likes.

It’s not the first time Biden has left Tesla out of the EV conversation, nor is it the first time Musk has thrown shade at Biden.

In January, Musk described Biden as “a damp sock puppet in human form” after the president praised EV production by GM and Ford. Musk has previously complained to CNBC that Biden has “pointedly ignored Tesla.”

In August, Musk said the administration was “not the friendliest” after a White House meeting with automakers excluded Tesla. Then, in January, Musk complained about his company being left out of an official White House video that promoted electric vehicles and featured GM CEO, Mary Barra.

“Biden has pointedly ignored Tesla at every turn and falsely stated to the public that GM leads the electric car industry,” Musk told CNBC last week. “Tesla produced over 300,000 electric vehicles last quarter, and GM produced 26.”

Musk has been very vocal when it comes to criticizing the Biden administration, he fiercest criticized Biden’s failed “Build Back Better” plan and a number of his other economic policies.

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