The Democrats Plan For Unity? TOTAL VIOLENCE!


It used to be that you would be able to find someone that you disagree with and at the very least be able to get along with them.

Now, it seems that the liberals have made it a point to pick a fight with everyone that they disagree with.

Take a look at the way that they are acting since Biden stole the election. They have gone out of their way to be completely hateful towards anyone with a shred of conservative leanings.

The Democrats are totally unhinged now that they won the Senate. The radical-Left is now in complete control of our country and it’s going to get nuts. Some of the stuff you see on Twitter is truly alarming.

President Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis recently posted a tweet showing Democrats “actual plan for unity.” It was a screen shot of a tweet from Paige Wolf, a self proclaimed “Communications professional dedicated to creating meaningful change.”

Wolf tweeted: “Well I’m calling it. We got the f—king trifecta. Take no prisoners. Burn them to the ground. Kick that turtle shell straight to hell. Pack the courts. End the filibuster. Make DC and Puerto Rico and Guam all motherf—king states.”

The Democrats are not even trying to hide their agenda anymore. They pushed for mail-in voting in order to rig the elections. Now they have complete control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. They want to increase the number of justices on the US Supreme Court, and appoint more Progressives to dilute the Conservative majority.

Next, the Democrats plan to make three new states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico and Guam, which are traditionally blue areas. This would give them an even greater majority in Congress and would likely seal the deal forever. There would never be another Republican controlled chamber again.

The Democrats evil hunger for power doesn’t end there.

3 thoughts on “The Democrats Plan For Unity? TOTAL VIOLENCE!

  1. That may just end up with a bunch of dead democrats . People will accept just so much before they rise up and fight back . It happened in 1776 , didn’t end well for the tyrant who was forcing his will on Americans .

  2. Good for the liberal commie Democrats. Bring it on. I can’t wait. It’s about time America had a civil war or revolution. Only it won’t be the revolution, the liberal commie Democrats want. It will not go well or in favor of the liberal commie Democrats.


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