SOROS Taking Steps To Make BIDEN Hold The Door OPEN For ILLEGALS!


One of my neighbors came to this country when he was in college. He did all of the stuff that you are supposed to do to become a citizen and I actually attended his naturalization ceremony.

At the end of the day, nobody has any problem with people coming to the United States. We welcome everyone to come here legally and o what they can right beside us to make things better than when they got here.

That’s the key word. LEGALLY. We can’t make anything better if folks aren’t helping to put in…

The alleged Biden administration is already taking the first steps to open the borders wide, pleasing George Soros and destroying what’s left of America in the process.

On Friday, a left-leaning federal judge blocked the Trump administration’s pending asylum restrictions, meant to take effect Monday.

Nobody will notice any effect for a long time because the asylum process is on hold over public health concerns.

Democrats were terrified that letting the rules take effect would have a chilling effect on the horde of Central and South Americans who expect to claim asylum once the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted. By then, the New World Order open borders policy should be in full effect.

After President Trump nearly got the borders safely closed, Biden’s Obama Admin 2.0 can’t wait to roll the red carpet back out. There are already rumors of plans to invite Roger Waters for a benefit “Tear Down The Wall” concert.

President Trump dared to insist that criminals not be granted asylum but the way Democrats describe it he “sought to redefine how people qualify for asylum and other forms of humanitarian persecution.”

If he hadn’t been fraudulently cheated out of his second term he would have allowed judges “to deem asylum applications ‘frivolous’ and prohibit applicants from ever winning protections.” You can’t have open borders with that.

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