The Capitol Hill ANTIFA Is Back In Custody!


For all of the people that like to say that the Capitol riot was nothing but angry conservatives, you have to look at the number of people that were arrested that have Antifa ties.

Yeah, any time you want to get someone to do something you send someone in that is loud enough and in a disguise. That’s exactly what the Capitol Antifa did last month. They riled people up and now because of them, people are dead and Donald Trump is unjustly being impeached.

It’s sickening the way that they are going after conservatives while at the end of the day you have people from the other side that were stoking the fires.

Capitol Hill rioter and antifa activist John Sullivan is back in custody as he is accused of violating the conditions of his release. He was allowed to walk away from jail without posting bail as long as he met certain conditions of his release.

One of his conditions was his usage of the internet. Police say he violated that condition four times. The judge had released him over the objections of prosecutors because she said they did not produce enough proof.

That is not uncommon and does not mean they don’t have rock-solid evidence. Prosecutors try to present just enough to get an indictment or to set bail. Sometimes it’s not quite enough.

It’s not wise to tip the defense on how you plan to present your case and give them a chance to form a plan to combat it. He was to step down and do no work for the group he founded but did not have to concede his control.

FOX News reported:

In a court document filed last week, U.S. Pretrial Services Officer Josh Cahoon alleged that Sullivan violated his approved Internet usage on four separate instances, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Magistrate Judge Daphne Oberg, of the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, issued a court summons for Sullivan based on the filing. He faces federal charges of civil disorder, entering a restricted building and violent entry or disorderly conduct.

The judge had ordered Sullivan to be released conditionally without bail on Jan. 15, deciding that prosecutors failed to meet the legal threshold required to keep him jailed. Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan Reeves had argued Sullivan is a risk for trying to threaten witnesses or jurors, but Oberg said Reeves lacked substantial evidence.

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