Biden Rode Through Town And The Reaction He Got Is Absolute Karma!


When you’re the President of the United States, you should be admired, loved, and appreciated despite your shortcomings. Well, that is not the case for President Joe Biden.

For the record, he started his regime with a fraud-ridden victory that possibly caused the riot at the Capitol earlier this year.

We all are aware of how bad the President’s debacle in Afghanistan is, right? well, it didn’t just stop there. Recently, his manipulative vaccine mandates are getting worse, and more and more people are standing up against them.

Ridiculously Biden even started a war against DeSantis for standing up against his ridiculous vaccine mandates for American taxpayers but the president plans to keep illegal aliens to benefit our tax money without strict mandates like us, Americans.

Wow, that’s a great plan, Mr. President.

Recently, Biden’s Motorcade was Savagely Booed at Long Beach City College in California. I am not surprised.

Biden was greeted with boos and profane placards from a group of angry residents after he landed at John F Kennedy airport in Queens. As his motorcade rolled through New Jersey, one red, white, and blue flag in the view was emblazoned with the words, “F*** Biden…And F*** You for voting For Him.”

To be honest, he deserves everything he gets from the crowd.

After 9 months of being installed as the President of the United States, every month seems just like horror for all of us.

Every “F Joe Biden” chant is well deserved, Joe Biden can never hide from his mistakes and he has just thrown his legacy out of the bus and we, Americans are stomping it hard.

President Joe Bye-Den, step down!

Source: Wayne Dupree

1 thought on “Biden Rode Through Town And The Reaction He Got Is Absolute Karma!

  1. Spew the seeds of hatred and the trees that grow produce rotted fruit. He deserves what he gets. Now lets go get the real criminals that are taking turns pulling his strings. Who’s on the Puppeteer list you say?;
    Obama, Soros, Wyss, Pelosi, Schumer, Jarrett, Clintons, etc, etc, get my drift. jwstx MAGA GBA

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