Sleepy Joe Just Hit Another MASSIVE Roadblock!


Indeed, a taste of his own medicine. Now Joe Biden is starting to feel the heat.

The first hundred days of the illegitimate Biden regime have been a flurry of Imperial Palace Decrees as his pen blazes through one executive order after another.

During four short years in office, Donald Trump managed to appoint a whopping three Supreme Court Justices and 242 judges to lesser courts. Obama could have filled some of those slots but he didn’t bother. Now they are backing conservative measures instead of liberal ones and the Imperial Palace is having a snit.

Trump has been exiled to Florida, so now His Wisdom Joe Biden is karmically the one stuck in judicial gridlock. “There certainly is the potential for collisions between the palace and Trump’s judges, depending on the issue and depending on the venue,” professor Kenneth Manning relates.

He hangs out at the University of Massachusetts. “Some issues tend to lend themselves to more partisan and ideological decision-making than others.”

The top lawyers for dozens of conservative states have “targeted several of his policies with legal challenges.” The deplorable attorneys general seem to insist on filing them in conservative jurisdictions like Texas. The judges there are all in favor of limiting “nanny-state” power.His Wisdom Joe Biden was only in office a few days before a federal judge in Texas told him what to do with his Palace Decree ending deportations of illegal aliens.

He wanted to stop the process for 100 days and federal judge Drew Tipton blocked it. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton demanded a “halt the Department of Homeland Security’s freeze.” Sure, Tipton agreed, granting the preliminary injunction and infuriating the palace.

Just last week, CBS reports, “a group of attorneys general from 21 states sued” His wisdom Joe Biden and the Palace “over his executive order rescinding the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.” Even though it pumps oil to Canada, the suit was filed in “the federal district court in Galveston, Texas, and assigned to Judge Jeffrey Brown, also tapped by Mr. Trump.”

CBS isn’t happy about that. In Louisiana they’re attacking the palace decree “halting new oil and gas leasing and drilling permits for federal lands and offshore waters, arguing it ‘contravenes congressional commands’ and should be blocked.”

Even the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package is causing grief for Joe Biden.

“Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost asked a federal district court in the state last week to halt enforcement of a provision in the plan that prohibits states from using a pot of $350 billion in state aid to offset tax cuts.” Arizona will be joining in on that one.

Source: thegoptimes

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