Morning Host Forced To Apoligize For Live On Air Wardrobe Malfunction…


As media personalities try to adapt to the new normal of working from home, they face unique challenges, and Savannah Guthrie, co-host of the Today Show, is no exception, with lots of responsibilities to juggle, including caring for her children, Guthrie admitted to struggling to maintain her usual routine. Unfortunately, this led to an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during a recent broadcast.

In a social media post, Guthrie revealed that she had unknowingly worn her red and black patterned blouse backward, causing an itchy tag to scratch against her chin throughout the broadcast. Sharing a photo of the offending blouse tag on Instagram, Guthrie acknowledged the error with a sense of humor.

As the co-host of a high-profile morning show, Guthrie’s schedule is demanding, requiring her to wake up well before dawn to prepare for her on-air duties. It’s no surprise that she might overlook a detail like a backward blouse when she has so much to balance.

But Guthrie isn’t the only media personality to suffer a wardrobe malfunction during the pandemic. BBC reporter Liz Beacon had to improvise with electrical tape and heavy-duty clips to keep her dress from splitting open on air after the zipper broke just moments before the broadcast.

“Talk about being strapped in for the ride… the zip on my brand new dress exploded with 15 minutes to go until we were on air, Gaffer and clips at the ready! Not glamorous. Or fun,” she joked and posted pictures of the quick fix on Twitter.

Fiona Willan, a journalist for Nine, also experienced a fashion faux pas last year when she forgot to put one arm through her gown during a high-profile event.

“I quickly checked the photo on The Australian website [and] there it was. Plain as day. A big limp piece of fabric, shamelessly flailing around as I vainly struck a pose. Once it is seen, it cannot be unseen,” She told 9Honey.

Despite these mishaps, media personalities are persevering through the challenges of working from home and coping with the pandemic. As cases and deaths continue to rise in the United States, however, it remains to be seen how much longer these individuals will be able to continue with business as usual.

Lockdown conditions may become the norm again, disrupting schedules and requiring even more flexibility and adaptability from those in the media industry.

While wardrobe malfunctions may be an occasional source of embarrassment for media personalities, they are just one small part of the many challenges faced by those working in the industry during the pandemic. Despite the difficulties, however, these individuals continue to work tirelessly to bring important news and information to their audiences, and we should be grateful for their dedication and perseverance.

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