Sleepy Joe Hit By Violent Attack From The Sky!


Sometimes, a news story is so serious, so impactful, and so important to public discourse that it must be shared purely for informative benefit.

However, this is not one of those stories.

We all knew that Joe Biden who’s the 46th President of the United States is incompetent.

His leadership is sinking deep, he doesn’t seem like he’s residing on this planet, much less in this country.

It seems that even the gods are starting Punishing Biden making him realize that he needs to stop chasing fantasies and focus on reality.

Look at what has happened during his speech on Tuesday, during a speech Biden was delivering in a barn in Menlo, Iowa, a bird appeared to poop on his suit, and critics have taken the opportunity to mock President Joe Biden!

Well, this is the funniest ever…

“It’s about being made in America,” Biden said moments before the rouge defecation.

The US President continued to deliver his remarks on infrastructure and inflation with a soiled lapel pin.

Clips of the gaffe soon went viral on Twitter and as of Wednesday, it had been viewed over two million times!

A video from the Republican National Committee (RNC) Research garnered 1.1 million views, while a video from conservative Nick Adams had over 698,000 views. Other videos of the incident have also gone viral on Twitter, with thousands of views.

The video appears to show bird poop falling onto Biden’s left lapel just above his U.S. flag pin. Critics of the president were sharing the footage and using it to make fun of Biden.

Bloomberg reporter Justin Sink attempted another explanation for what was clearly aviary excrement, claiming it was “bits of corn” from the nearby silo (which, as we all know, do tend to go airborne and splatter in a liquid-like fashion on one’s clothing).

Either way, Biden seemed unaware of the splatter as he continued speaking – then again, I’m not sure he’s aware of where he is at any given moment, so this comes as no surprise.

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