She’s Had 11 Kids With Eight Different Men, And Her Big Complaint Is The Funniest Thing You’ll…


A woman has sparked controversy and gained a massive following on TikTok for her unconventional family of eleven children fathered by eight different men.

In Memphis, Tennessee, a striking woman has caught the attention of the public for having eleven children with eight different fathers. This unusual family dynamic has gained her a significant following on TikTok, a Chinese-owned platform notorious for mining data from American users since its inception.

The woman, known as Phi on TikTok, frequently shares glimpses of her large family with over 90,000 followers on the controversial social media app.

Phi’s peculiar family situation has led some TikTok users to accuse her of exploiting the government welfare system, particularly in states like Tennessee where assistance is handed out generously. Critics argue that she turns to TikTok as a means of avoiding work, choosing instead to rely on child support from the eight men who have fathered her children.

To refute these allegations, Phi presented a court document indicating she receives a meager ten dollars per month in child support payments. The fathers of her children, as it turns out, are deadbeats with neither stable jobs nor reliable income sources.

After receiving a message from a TikTok user suggesting her children were in distress, Phi responded with a video of her eleven children happily dancing and enjoying each other’s company.

When asked about the origins of her numerous relationships, Phi humorously replied, “Craigslist.” She elaborated, “I used Craigslist, but that’s kind of played out now, so I usually post on [Facebook] Marketplace. Or if I see an empty billboard, I’ll post an ad up there.”

In another TikTok post, Phi playfully hinted that she has no plans to stop expanding her family. She claimed to want nineteen more children, rounding her total to an even thirty. However, it appears she was merely joking about having that many additional children.

In a more serious moment, Phi addressed the burning question of why she chose to have so many children with different men. Her explanation video garnered more than 2.9 million views. She reasoned that having multiple fathers for her children would prevent them from ever being fatherless.

Tired of having to explain her choices, Phi stated, “I’m gonna explain this one time for y’all, so there won’t be any more questions. If you have one and you take away one, you have zero. But if you have eight and you take away three, you still have five.”

Elaborating in the video’s comments section, she added, “If I only had one baby daddy and he leaves or dies, my kids would be fatherless. But if I have eight and three were to leave or die, my kids still have five dads.

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