YES: Sheriff Makes EPIC Vow to Councilman Who Called for Violence Against Cops…

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Wow, a Jackson Councilman, Kenneth Stokes shockingly told reporters that citizens should commit violence against law enforcement. Even Sheriff Jim Johnson was in disbelief that such a thing was said. After verifying that it indeed was true, he made the Councilman a promise if any violence is committed against him or his officers…



From Conservative Tribune:

This morning on “Fox & Friends,” a Mississippi sheriff stood up for police officers in an epic fashion after a city councilman encouraged people to become violent toward men and women in uniform.

Last week, Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes told reporters that police from the surrounding jurisdictions put Jackson children in danger when they chase suspects at high speeds on neighborhood streets.

He commented that the Jackson residents should begin “throwing rocks, bricks, and bottles” at the police to send the message that, “we don’t want you here.”

However, Sheriff Jim Johnson of Lee County, about three hours north of Jackson, vehemently disagreed with that message. At first not believing that Stokes had said such a thing, he verified the information and read comments on the story and was horrified.

“The last thing that you need is individuals that want to harm law enforcement,” he said. “The last thing you need from a councilman … is to promote hatred and promote violence against law enforcement. Sometimes that’s the only fire that an individual needs for it to get out of control.”

In his 35 years of experiences, Johnson stated, that he has never seen law enforcement officers being threatened the way they have been recently.  He also stated that he would hold Stokes directly responsible for any attacks on himself or his officers.

“I can definitely tell you in Lee County that if any of my officers or myself are subjected to any type of harm in the way that Mr. Stokes said, not only are we going to look for the individual that did it, but I’m going after him as well,” Johnson said.

The violence against law enforcement has gotten ridiculous during Obama’s presidency. There is no longer a respect for authority and it’s sad…

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  1. Stoke is an idiot and a racist. However, since Jackson is a black majority town in a black majority state, they keep electing him.

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