Transgenders in Wisconsin file lawsuit to force taxpayers to pay for gender reassignment surgeries

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Two transgender employees at a University in Wisconsin filed a law suit against the university for refusal to pay for gender reassignment surgery.

The two transgender employees are saying that they are being discriminated against because their tax-payer funded health insurance won’t cover gender reassignment surgery. Shannon Andrews and Alina Boyden are both males who “identify” as female.

From The Blaze:

“Many people can relate to paying into an insurance plan only to be told that the treatment they need is not covered,” Andrews said in a statement, according to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. “But when the reason you are denied coverage is because of who you are, it is even more painful. And it’s clearly discrimination.”

Boyden has not undergone gender reassignment surgery yet because he knows the claim will be rejected by the insurance company.

“As a result of (state policies), plaintiffs’ health insurance plans single out transgender employees for unequal treatment by categorically depriving them of all medical care for gender dysphoria, a serious medical condition codified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and International Classification of Diseases,” the lawsuit read.

It is ridiculous that they expect tax payers to fund their sex change. What’s next? Breast implants? Who qualifies for breast implants? Can a woman who identifies as a bigger chested woman get them too?

This community is pushing it, asking for more and more rights beyond any normal citizen. Where will this stop? Now it’s discrimination to refuse to fund gender reassignment surgery. Wow…

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8 thoughts on “Transgenders in Wisconsin file lawsuit to force taxpayers to pay for gender reassignment surgeries

  1. Do you really fucking want me to tell you what I think about this below… Are you fucking kidding me. I am so sick of the shit these freaks freaks freaks I don’t care who you fucking “identify to be either you got a penis or a pussy that’s who you fucking are no go hire a fucking shrink and pay for it yourself or ask the Muslim community to foot the bill Sorry about the F word is just burns my ass

    1. Exactly! This is not a medical need. It’s actually a mental health needs, but in no way do taxpayers foot the bill!

  2. That is plain stupid. A tranny wants surgery, that’s his/hers personal problem…NOT the taxpayers or scchools! Grow up!

  3. Gender reassignment surgery should be classified as “elective cosmetic surgery”. This surgery is not life saving and is, therefore, elective, just like face lifts and breast augmentation and tummy tucks. Those wanting this surgery should have to pay for it on their own. Taxpayers should NOT be left holding the bill for a surgery that is not medically necessary!!!

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