VP-Elect Pence Just Gave Obama’s Welfare Leeches The WORST NEWS OF THEIR LIVES! [VIDEO]


CP| VP-elect Mike Pence is real Patriot and Christian.

His moral values and political stature will be of great support for our next president Trump.

This is what he did when he was Gov. of Indiana.
Indiana will cut tens of thousands of its poorest people off of the food stamps roles beginning next spring, the state announced.

Former Gov. Mike Pence has decided to join seven other states in reinstating work requirements for food stamps despite being eligible for a federal waiver from those rules for the coming fiscal year.

Federal rules require able-bodied, childless people who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for more than three months a year to demonstrate that they are working or attending a job training program for at least 20 hours a week.

The state estimates that 65,000 people will be affected by Pence’s change, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Mike Pence told Fox New that Indiana is an economic success story, with a dropping unemployment rare and a growing labor force.

Unemployment in IN has gone from nearly 8% in early 2013 to 5.7% today & we’ve seen our labor force grow by 50,000. 

This is what we need in AMERICA!

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